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How I organise my time during the holidays

How to keep some sort of structure in your life during university holidays

At university, the holidays are looooong, which you can think of as a blessing, a time to relax after working hard all term. Some students can get away with literally doing nothing during these month long breaks, but unfortunately I don’t really cope as well without a set structure. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing nothing as much as the next person, but there comes a point where you’ve got to take control of your time.

Keep up hobbies/try new ones

Holidays give you plenty of time to try the things you’ve been putting off. Practice playing guitar, learn a new language, bake something, learn a TikTok dance. Learning a new skill helps stop your brain from going to mush, and you’ll adapt back to learning much easier when you start uni again.

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Make an overall goal list

It doesn’t need to be long, it doesn’t even really need to be a list, maybe just a singular goal. And to be honest it doesn’t even need to be something huge or important, but it’s nice achieve at least one thing before you start studying again. It could be something productive like sorting through your wardrobe and donating old clothes, or it could be something different, like learning how to backflip. Having a goal/goals means that you won’t feel like you’ve achieved nothing in the months you’ve been off.

Use the time to catch up with friends and family

If you moved to a new city for uni and are going back home for the holidays, its possible that some of your friends from home are probably doing the same thing. Use this time to properly catch up!! This is also a perfect time to visit relatives that you might not normally be in contact with during term time.

Is there something you’re supposed to be doing?

This could be coursework, revision, applying for internships, literally anything. At the start of the holidays note anything that you HAVE to do before you start studying again and get it out of the way early if you can. DO NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

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Take time to relax

Most importantly, RELAX. Take a well deserved break and mentally prepare for the next term. Have some lie ins, binge watch Netflix series, whatever you do to unwind, do it.

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