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Resources I found useful when applying to Medicine

The websites, books and YouTube channels I used to help make my application


The Medic Portal – Free (with some paid courses available)

This is an invaluable resource. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. They do offer paid courses for various aspects of the application process, but they also have lots of free content. I only used the free content from The Medic Portal and still found it really useful.

It has a whole Application Guide section including:

  • Banks of potential interview questions
  • University-specific interview tips
  • UCAT and BMAT guides

Medify – Free guides (the paid courses are amazing!)

Again Medify has free content giving advice on your application, but I used Medify for their UCAT and BMAT courses as I applied to universities that required me to take both exams.

UCAT course – There are a range of packages available with different prices depending on the length of time you want access for. This ranges from £35 for 1 week to £75 for a ‘season pass’. I would suggest you get the longest package available, so you can prepare as much as possible, but if you are time or money limited, it should be doable in around one to two months. The fact that both this resource and the actual UCAT exam are both computer based, made this one of the most useful resources I found.

I will be writing a whole post on my tips for the UCAT, but the Medify course was a big part of my preparation, and I ended up with a score of 3030, Band 2.

BMAT course – I also used Medify for their BMAT course, which is £35 for access until November. As the BMAT is a written exam, it’s not essential that you practice on a computer, so I found the practice questions less useful than for the UCAT course. However, the Essay techniques and Text Tutorials sections were extremely useful, especially because I was applying as an undergraduate, some of the content examined was from GCSE Physics, which I hadn’t covered in over four years.

I will also be making a whole post on BMAT tips.

The Student Room – Free

This is a great resource that is sometimes overlooked. Remember that you are not alone in your application process and often there are a lot of students in the same position as you wanting to share tips and experiences.

You do have to be careful about certain restrictions on your posts, you can’t talk about specifics of interviews or exams like the UCAT!


Getting into Medical School (2020 entry) by Adam Cross and Emily Lucas – £14.99

I used the 2020 entry version, but I have included the link for the 2021 version above.

I found this book really useful as a start to your application, it covers pretty much all the stages of the application process in a simple and clear format, including real-life experiences. What I especially liked about this book is that it has a section on Current Issues, which is updated every edition, that explains current topics in the world of medicine that may come up in your interviews.

How to Prepare for Medical School Interviews by Philip McElnay – £17.99

This book was published in 2016, so there a few tiny details that are out of date, but I would still really recommend this book. It has loads of common interview questions with detailed descriptions of how to form your answers. Even if none of the specific questions come up, it’s still a really good tool to learn how to think about your answers and how to structure them.

If you like reading, check out this post for books that you should read about being a doctor!

YouTube Channels

Ali Abdaal

Ali is now a graduate from Cambridge University and is working as a junior doctor. His channel has lots of tips on applying to Medicine, and he even has his own UCAT course (I believe you have to pay for it). As well as his Medicine application videos he talks a lot about productivity, which is also really useful for students – I would definitely recommend you check him out.

Kharma Medic

Nasir is a medical student at King’s College London. He has lots of videos giving advice on applying for medicine, and also makes videos around studying generally. Definitely one to watch!

I hope you found this useful, if you have any suggestions for resources that you found useful please let me know so I can update this page and we can make this even more helpful for the next reader!

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