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Moving back home after university

Moving back home after living away at university for three years felt very strange. I haven’t lived by my parents rules for so long, it’s taking some getting used to.

I had spent the last three years becoming more independent, eating the meals I wanted, coming and going as I pleased, without having to tell anyone where I was going or what time I would be back. There’s just something about living with your friends that hits differently and it’s something that I think everyone should experience in their lives.

Moving home signifies the end of my degree, and what an anti-climactic end it was. Due to COVID, there were no big celebrations, I won’t be dressing up in my cap and gown (at least not this year), and after my last exam (taken in my bedroom at uni), I literally stood up and got back into bed. It really was that sad. It almost doesn’t feel real that I’ve finished, more like everything has been put on pause, and I think it will feel like that for some time, maybe until I start my next course.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying being back home, my family is everything to me, but there’s still a lot of adjustment involved. It can sometimes feel like I’m taking a big step backwards, as if I’m back in Sixth Form again. I have to remember I’m a grown woman, I’m just living under someone else’s roof.

A big thing for me was meals, something you should know about me is that I LOVE food, like really love food, but I’m also very particular about what I want to eat. The idea of losing that control over my meal planning was not something I was willing to deal with. Instead, my Mum and I now share the cooking, and we meal plan for the week together. It makes me feel more in control of my life, and even though it’s such a small thing, it made moving home that little bit easier for me.

The world of graduate jobs is a competitive one, especially now with the COVID pandemic, so I’m actually really glad that I’m going on to further education next year. However, as my exams finished in May, and I’m not starting my next course until the end of September, it’s left me with a rather large gap of time to fill. I was originally very set on finding a part time job, because I LOVED my old job – but it’s based in York (where I went to university) and as I’ve moved back to Leeds, it’s too much of a commute. But if you’re also trying to find a job at the moment, you’ll probably find the same thing as me, there are no jobs out there. Okay that’s probably a bit dramatic, there are a few jobs, but they’re either awkward shift patterns or just too far away for me.

The need to fill these few months is one of the reasons I’ve started this blog, it gives me something to do, and hopefully I’ll be able to help/amuse some people.

Another big thing that has made my move home easier is re-doing my room. I last decorated my room when we moved into this house, when I was 14. As you can imagine, I have changed a bit since then, and so my room doesn’t really fit 21 year old me. Amazingly, I thought of re-doing my room months ago, whilst I was still living out at university, and came up with lots of ideas and plans. Now I’m back, I’m putting those plans into action. Enter: my bedroom makeover series. I’m going to be doing a series of posts over the next few weeks on the aspects of my bedroom that I’m changing. This includes: creating a reading corner, painting my new bed to match the rest of my room, and creating an art wall with a selection of prints that inspire me (or are just pretty to look at), and becoming a plant mum. These things have been relatively cheap to do, and I’m not actually changing any of the wallpaper or carpets, but I’m hoping that it will give me more uni student vibes, rather than teenage girl vibes.

I’m just trying to remember to give myself time to adjust, and not be too hard on myself. The graduate blues are REAL.

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