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Room Makeover Series: My New Plant Babies

I think that all big makeovers should include the addition of plants. Not only are they pretty to look at, they’re actually good for us, thanks to their air purifying properties.

I’m going to admit this early on, I’m not very good at keeping plants alive. I’ve had two small plants in my life so far and both of them, unfortunately, have not made it (I left them at university over the holidays when I came back home). With this in mind, I didn’t think my chances of keeping lots of plants alive was very high, so I opted to get MOSTLY artificial ones.

BUT, I did get two, living and breathing, real plants. If I manage to keep these alive, I may be able to branch out and start getting more living plants. Maybe.

The Artificial Children

I got all my artificial plants from IKEA, as they are super cheap and look pretty realistic. All of them are grouped under the name FEJKA, but they do have different product numbers, so I’ll include those in case you get some artificial inspiration.

I also bought a few of their artificial flowers for my vase, again these are all grouped under one name, ‘SMYCKA’.

a collection of plants
a collection of plats and flowers in a pink vase

The flowers that I got for the vase were a bit short and weren’t really sitting in the vase the way I wanted, so I put scrunched up pieces of newspaper in the bottom of the vase. This way they were lifted higher and I could position them more easily.

The Real-Life Kids

I got two real plants (and their pots) from B&Q. The first is a Swiss Cheese Plant or a Monstera deliciosa. I have wanted one of these for AGES. I think they look so cool, and I decided to call mine ‘Mozzarella’, and yes I know that Mozzarella is Italian, not Swiss. I got this for £18 and the ceramic 21cm pot was £12.50.

a swiss cheese plant in a white ceramic pot with a spray water bottle with a rose gold label saying 'water'

The second plant is a Chinese Money Plant or Pilea peperomioides, and I’ll be honest, I only got this plant because a) I’m quarter Chinese and love to cling on to anything that’s even remotely related to my heritage, and b) I’m not going to turn down a fortune (which I’ll supposedly get if I put a coin in the soil). This plant is much smaller and cost just £8, with the plastic pot costing just £3.

a chinese money plant in a pale pink pot on my white window ledge

Supposedly these are both very manageable house plants, so I’m not too worried, but still wish me luck guys.

Are you a Plant Mum or Plant Dad? You NEED this Plant Planner, available HERE!

a flat lay of our plant planner packs

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