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Room Makeover Series: My Reading Corner

Welcome to the first post of my Room Makeover Series!! This makes it sound a whole lot more dramatic than it actually is (basically just me buying odd bits for my room). Anyway, the first thing I wanted to share was this addition of a ‘reading corner’, which has also turned into a bit of a ‘sit on my phone scrolling through Insta’ corner, but at least it’s not turned into a chairobe yet (chair-wardrobe).

I wanted to show you this first because this was the first change that I thought of when I was planning to redo my room. Thanks to the creation of an office in my house, I no longer have to have my desk in my room, giving me space to have a reading corner.

I’m one of those people that would love a library in my house when I’m old and rich, but for now this will have to do. I’m a big believer in trying to keep your bedroom a work-free zone. It should be a sanctuary, not a place of stress. I find it so hard to switch from work mode to sleep mode when everything’s in the same room, a bit of special separation really makes all the difference.

The Colour Scheme

So the colour theme I’m going for is mainly black and white (because my walls and floor are already black and white) and pale pink. Obviously, I had to get a pink chair, and I was sooo picky with the exact shade of pink I wanted (I actually got the throw, mugs and vase from Ikea before I got the chair, so I was trying to match fabric samples to the mug). In the end I was really happy with the chair I got, it’s really comfy, and matches the other pinks really well. I think.

The Pieces

The main components are really the chair, the table and the rug (All the details are shown in the picture below). I didn’t want it cost a fortune, and to be honest I think all three are really good value for money and would really recommend. Out of the three I wanted to spend more money on the chair because comfort really matters, and I didn’t want to spend hours reading in a rock hard chair.

the corner of a room with an armchair, side table, books and rug

The Decoration

As well as being practical I also wanted it to look pretty, so I picked up some artificial plants and flowers to liven it up (check out my plant haul post!) I also added a candle and some cute books that are nice to just flick through occasionally.

a side table with books, cacti, vase with artificial flowers, candle and mug with green tea

Anything that I haven’t specifically mentioned where I got it from, is something I’ve had for quite a while and I either can’t remember where it’s from, or it’s no longer available.

I hope you like my new space and maybe it’s inspired you to add something new to your room.

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