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Room Makeover Series: Creating a Wall of Prints

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to create a wall of art prints in my room, to help inspire me, and to give my room a new feel. Here’s how I did it and what it looks like!! If you like this kind of post, check out my other other posts on getting my plant babies, transforming my bed, and creating a reading corner.

Picking the Prints

First of all, I started looking at companies that sold prints, I found Desenio which was founded in 2010 and specialises in Scandinavian designs. They had such a wide range of prints, were quite reasonable (they had a sale on) and so I went with them.

Once I knew I wanted to get them from Desenio, I started going through their ranges to get inspiration for what I wanted. I went through and favorited literally ALL the prints I liked and ended up with dozens. I wanted the main colours to be black, white and pink (which are the main colours in my bedroom) so from there I started cutting down my ‘favorites’ until I had around 30 to choose from.

Planning how I wanted the wall to look

Working on my iPad, I took screenshots of each of the prints that I liked and put them into a document on the app ‘Notability’ and played around with the different prints and sizes until I found something I was happy with.

I measured the wall I wanted to put the prints on (which is roughly 3m wide). I was limited in some ways as certain prints are only available in certain sizes so I had to move change some of the images around and swap some out altogether.

I then used the app to sketch out the measurements of each print and the spaces between them. Once I was happy, I ordered them.

I ordered the frames from another company, as they were a little bit cheaper than Desenio. The prints come in sizes that you can’t find a lot of frames for, so I was limited, but I found some that I really liked and ordered them.

Putting the prints up

I got glass frames so I needed to drill into the walls and use screws to put them up, no way would a nail have been able to take the weight. Thankfully my Step-Dad was on hand to help!

The whole process of hanging them up took around two hours total, there was a LOT of measuring and calculating distances, this is where my digital plan came in really useful.

And this is the final look!

I wanted a mix of prints that would inspire me and would brighten up my room and I am so happy with the finished look. This was the last change in my Room Makeover Series, overall my room feels like a completely different space now, much more reflective of who I am now.

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