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My Study Essentials: The 10 things I can’t study without

As we are in the Back-To-School season, I thought it was the right time to share my study essentials. These are the things that I would take if someone told me I needed to up and leave and take everything I need to study with (I know that sounds like a weird scenario). 

I just want to clarify that these are MY study essentials, and what I need for my degree might be different to what you need. To be honest, they’re not even all essentials, because I don’t really NEED an iPad, but it makes life soooo much easier. These essentials are key for the way that I study, and if you’re interested in posts like this then check out how I set up my Notion Dashboard.


I use the Acer TravelMate P238-M which is the perfect size for me. It has a 13.3 inch display, so fits well in my bag, it isn’t too heavy but isn’t really tiny. I really don’t like when the display is so small that I’m having to scroll around the page to find what I’m looking for. I don’t think it really matters exactly what computer you have, just make sure it works for you.

In my last degree I used my laptop to do everything, now I have my iPad I’m going to be taking lecture notes on that, but I prefer to use an actual laptop for writing papers, essays and other research.

Ipad & Apple Pencil

I bought an iPad in May this year and already it’s been incredibly useful so far, before I’ve even started university. I decided not to get the Ipad Pro, because I didn’t need the extra facilities and I didn’t want to be paying for things I didn’t need. 

I got the first generation Apple Pencil as well because I like taking written notes as opposed to typing, personally it just goes in my head more if I’m writing rather than typing (even if my handwriting is terrible :/)

My favourite apps for studying so far are Notability (for notetaking) and Notion (for organisation and note taking). My most used apps for my blog/etsy shop are: Canva, InShot, Instories, Sell on Etsy and Pinterest.


For years I’ve been using the Apple earphones that come with iPhones and I’ve been more than happy with them. As a graduation present this year I was very luckily given a pair of AirPod Pros and I love them. The sound quality is amazing, they’re compact so fit easily in my pocket, and they have sound proofing technology.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to get AirPods, but I honestly think that a good quality pair of earphones or headphones are a MUST for university. Whether it’s walking to and from uni or you’re in the library or you’re at the gym, on the bus, there are lots of times where you might want to pass the time by listening to something.

Water Bottle

At home and for the gym I use a water bottle with a straw like this one. However, when I’m going to uni, I prefer to use my Chilly’s water bottle as it has a tight seal and doesn’t leak, which the other one sometimes does. A leaking water bottle isn’t exactly what you want in your bag along with your laptop. Trust me, first-year me found this out the hard way, and I was computer-less for two months.


You always need a planner to stay organised, I’ve linked my Etsy shop here for all my printable and downloadable planners, and if you sign up to my mailing list here, you get a free daily planner.


You never know when you need to jot something down, whether you have a meeting with your supervisor, or your computer dies and you need to take lecture notes, or a million other possibilities. I’ve linked a couple of pretty ones here and here.

Pens & Highlighters

This one is a no brainer, how are you supposed to write in your notebook if you don’t have a pen? I prefer using Papermate pens like these, because they write so smoothly. I also find highlighters very useful to draw my attention to important information, or to ‘cross’ off my to do list. I use these pastel highlighters, as I find the colours aren’t too in your face.


I’m terrible for not being able to study when I’m hungry, so I always make sure I have a snack with me so that I don’t use hunger as an excuse to leave my desk. I know it’s not the healthiest snack, but I’m a sucker for these Dairy Milk bars.


I always carry green tea bags in my bag so that I can have a hot tea easily when I’m out and about (most shops won’t charge for hot water).

Portable Charger

A portable charger is essential for me when I’m out of the house all day at university because I use my phone for a lot of things. I bought this Anker one before I went interrailing a few years ago and it charges my phone up to 6 times from a single charge. It’s incredible value for money and I would really recommend it to anyone. I also have this smaller one that doubles as a compact which is better for day to day use.

Let me know your study essentials in the comments!!

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