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My Favourite ‘Coffee Table Books’ For Visual Inspiration

Inspiration is the key to motivation. Having inspirational things around me is the best way for me to motivate myself, and I don’t just mean for study motivation. I’m talking LIFE GOALS, visualising what you want for your future in terms of fashion, beauty, travel, home, career, literally anything and everything. By surrounding myself with things that inspire me to create the life I want, I am constantly reminded and therefore more motivated to make those dreams come true.

For those who are visual learners (me!), seeing these things regularly can ignite something inside of us and really make us get up and do it! One way in which I do this is through Pinterest Boards (follow me if you haven’t already!) I have visual inspiration boards for how I want my future home to look, places I want to travel, quotes to keep me positive, outfits I want to wear, food I want to eat, literally so many aspects of life.

A more tactile way to do this is through books, and I’m not talking about eBooks on your kindle that you’ll never read, I’m talking about big, chunky hardback books that you access easily and see the beautiful colours and objects more clearly. Yes, they are more expensive, but personally I think they’ve been a good investment for me given how much inspiration they have given me. And as a bonus, they make pretty décor as well!

Things We Love – Kate Spade

The cover of the book 'Things we love' Kate Spade

I am a big fan of Kate Spade, their handbags, their accessories and even their books! A self-proclaimed ‘part visual diary part anthology of inspiration’, this book is BEAUTIFUL. Broken down into 20 chapters, it is a ‘vision board’ like no other, and completely captures the spirit of Kate Spade: colour and sophistication with a touch of playful humour. Even if this style of fashion isn’t completely up your street, it still showcases the wonderfulness of being bold, and not just in the things you wear.

Places To Go People To See – Kate Spade

The cover of the book 'Places to go, people to see' Kate Spade

A ‘sequel’ to Things We Love, this book is filled with colourful photography of places and things around the world, combined with insights of wisdom and inspirational quotes. It is perfect for those who want to be inspired to travel with style and class, and will have you feeling like a seasoned traveller with its pockets of information on cultural expectations, things to do and places to visit.

Ultimate Travelist – Lonely Planet

The cover of the book 'Ultimate Travelist' by lonely planet

As it says in the title, this is basically the ultimate list of places to visit, literally the top 500 places in the world (very diplomatically decided through a vote of the Lonely Planet community). If you like to travel, or like to imagine yourself traveling, this book is for you. This list comprises places from literally all over the world, and even if you can’t afford to go the the number one spot just yet (spoiler alert: It’s in Cambodia), chances are there will be one of them a bit closer to home. It even comes with a handy fold out map of the top 100.

You Only Live Once – Lonely Planet

The cover of the book 'You only live once' by the lonely planet

This book goes one step further from the Ultimate Travelist by detailing must do EXPERIENCES, not just places to visit, because travelling isn’t always about seeing things, but doing things! This book is ingeniously broken down into chapters based on the length of time of the ‘experience’ ranging from an hour to a year. I love this book because it reminds me that YOLO isn’t just a saying that we were obsessed with in 2012, but an actual fact, and that we have to make the most of this life. As my father says ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’.

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home – Emily Schuman

The cover of the book 'cupcakes and cashmere at home' by emily schuman

This book by lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman is basically a handbook to styling and running your home, covering topics such as decorating and entertaining. I love this book because of the clean, aesthetic visuals and the really useful advice that may not be relevant to me at this moment in time whilst I’m living at home, but will hopefully be of use when I move out.

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