56 acts of kindness to inspire you to make somebody’s day

It’s World Kindness Day this Friday (13th November) and so I wanted to collate a list of random acts of kindness that could inspire us all to do something for someone else. World Kindness Day started back in 1998 (just after I was born) by the World Kindness Movement in Tokyo, although over 28 countries now take part in the movement.

Being kind is one of the easiest things to do, but it can mean so much to someone else. Something as simple as complimenting a stranger or even smiling at them can make a big impact on a person’s mood. Being kind to others is just an extension of self care, and so it’s something that we should incorporate into our lives more regularly. 

Here are some Random Acts of Kindness to get you started!

  1. Donate toys or books
  2. Smile at a stranger
  3. Hug a family member
  4. Pick up litter
  5. Share a funny post with someone
  6. Send a handwritten note
  7. Send flowers anonymously
  8. Say thank you to someone
  9. Put your neighbours bin out
  10. Volunteer
  11. Leave a generous tip
  12. Leave a nice note for a stranger
  13. Text someone to tell them you appreciate them
  14. Donate food to a food bank
  15. Offer to walk your friends/neighbours dog
  16. Give a stranger a compliment
  17. Let someone in front of you in a line
  18. Make your partner or family member breakfast in bed
  19. Give another person your parking space
  20. Give way to another car
  21. Use a reusable water bottle
  22. Share someone’s small business on your social media
  23. Bake someone cookies or cupcakes
  24. Donate to your favourite charity or a just giving page
  25. Give your seat up for someone
  26. Do a chore that someone in your family dislikes doing
  27. Pay for the person behind you in a drive through
  28. Adopt a pet
  29. Share your favourite recipe with someone
  30. Leave a positive review on someone’s business page
  31. Tell someone that they’ve done a great job
  32. Coach or teach someone for free
  33. Start a fundraiser
  34. Shop/eat local
  35. Lend someone a book that inspires you
  36. Only speak positively about people for a whole day
  37. Call a family member and ask them about their day
  38. Forgive someone
  39. Surprise a friend
  40. Send a care package
  41. Return your trolley to the trolley park
  42. Read to someone
  43. Switch to reusable/recyclable products 
  44. Buy the person behind you a coffee
  45. Donate old blankets to an animal shelter
  46. Do a favour for someone
  47. Eat vegetarian/vegan for the day
  48. Buy a birdhouse / leave bird seed out
  49. Offer to do a food shop for an elderly or vulnerable neighbour
  50. When making yourself a cup of tea, offer to make one for people around you
  51. Become a penpal with someone who is isolated
  52. Donate a coat/blanket to a homeless shelter
  53. Give blood
  54. Register as an organ donor
  55. Buy Fairtrade products
  56. Put loose change in a charity box

Let me know in the comments if you try any of them or if you have any more ideas!

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