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My Ten Favourite Posts from 2020 – have you read them all?

I’m very busy planning some great content for you guys for next year, but in the meantime I wanted to highlight my ten favourite posts this year that you might have missed, but that I really think are worth reading.

If you have any suggestions for something you want me to cover next year, let me know in the comments or feel free to email me!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2021!

1. My Evening Routine for Ultimate Relaxation

After a year this crazy, you definitely deserve some relaxation! Check out how I create and evening routine for ultimate relaxation.

2. How to Prioritise Your Mental Health at University

This year I have learnt so much about looking after my mental health, and how important it is to prioritise this.

3. Eleven Apps That Will Really Boost Your Productivity

I love any technology that makes my life a little easier, and these are the eleven apps that I love to keep me being productive.

4. Books You Need to Read About Being a Doctor

I love to read and wish I read a lot more (that’s one of my goals for this year actually) and I enjoy reading books written by doctors to get a better insight into the different careers. But even if you don’t want to be a doctor, you can still get a lot out of these books.

5. Notability vs Goodnotes, Which is the Best for Students?

The battle of the note-taking apps! Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, find out which I prefer!

6. The Importance of Goal Setting and How to do it

A great read for this time of year when you’re making resolutions and goals for next year!

7. The Best Time Management Techniques for Students

Finding the balance between work and play as a student can be incredibly challenging, check out this post to get better at this!

8. Parkinson’s Law: Using Psychology to Boost Your Productivity

Do you leave everything to the last minute and then feel pressured to get everything done? READ THIS

9. How to Recognise and Prevent Burn Out as a Medical Student

Burn out is real, and can be detrimental to your life and your studies, learn how to prevent it!

10. My Top Tips for the UCAT Exam

a laptop and hats laid out on a blanket and a woman typing on a laptop

Even though we’re a bit off UCAT exam season, there’s always someone who’s way ahead of the game!

Want to become a more productive student? Want to work on your personal development? Want to learn about how to get into medical school?

If you said YES to any of the above, then stick around because you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a current or aspiring student, I share tips and tricks that are going to help you out.

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