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How stress damages your skin and how to combat it

Today we’re talking about the different ways the stress can affect your skin, some things you can do to help your skin, and what else, besides stress, could be causing your skin problems. I’ve also included my current skincare routine at the bottom! I have a love hate relationship with my skin. In the last… Continue reading How stress damages your skin and how to combat it

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My Ten Favourite Posts from 2020 – have you read them all?

I'm very busy planning some great content for you guys for next year, but in the meantime I wanted to highlight my ten favourite posts this year that you might have missed, but that I really think are worth reading.

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Gender bias in healthcare: what still needs to be done

When looking at where we are today, compared to many years ago, we can see that we’ve come a long way in terms of gender equality, especially in the UK, but this doesn’t mean that the issue is completely solved. Gender bias is still present within healthcare, both on the staffing side and the patient side. I’m also going to talk a bit about gender blindness in research.

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Why you need to be shopping small this Christmas

With most of us having to go online to source presents this year, we might find ourselves searching the more well known department store websites for gifts, but I really want to challenge this idea and encourage you to shop smaller this Christmas.

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Collaboration with @niamhcooks: Easy recipes for students who want a taste of thanksgiving

I am so so so excited to announce this collaboration with my dear, dear friend @niamhcooks. Niamh celebrates Thanksgiving each year, as half her family is American, and I have been lucky enough to be invited to her house (pre-covid) to experience the joy that is the thanksgiving dinner that her and her family cook. So I consider myself truly blessed to share with you all these recipes, so that you can have your own taste of thanksgiving this year, whether you're American or not.


Easy recipes for students to make you feel cosy this autumn

If you live in the UK, you'll have probably realised that over the last few weeks it's definitely being getting a lot colder and now with the clocks going back, it's officially that time of the year where we wrap up warm, drink hot drinks and eat a lot of food. One of my favourite… Continue reading Easy recipes for students to make you feel cosy this autumn

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What You Need to Buy in Your First Supermarket Shop

If you're getting ready to go to University this Autumn and you are moving out, you might be thinking about moving into your new place. I've put together a list of food and toiletries that you might want to get in your first supermarket shop.

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Room Makeover Series: Creating a Wall of Prints

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to create a wall of art prints in my room, to help inspire me, and to give my room a new feel. Here's how I did it and what it looks like!! If you like this kind of post, check out my other other posts on… Continue reading Room Makeover Series: Creating a Wall of Prints

Before and after pictures of a bed, the before is plain wood and the after is painted pink
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Room Makeover Series: How I transformed my new bed!!

I'm not claiming to be some kind of DIY expert, but this is how I went from natural wood to the perfect pink relatively cheaply and easily!

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Room Makeover Series: My Reading Corner

Welcome to the first post of my Room Makeover Series!! This makes it sound a whole lot more dramatic than it actually is (basically just me buying odd bits for my room). Anyway, the first thing I wanted to share was this addition of a 'reading corner', which has also turned into a bit of a 'sit on my phone scrolling through Insta' corner, but at least it's not turned into a chairobe yet (chair-wardrobe).