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Let’s talk about… Visualisation

Visualisation is the practice of affecting the outside world by changing your thoughts and using your imagination to experience new behaviours or events.

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11 simple ways to deal with feeling anxious

Here are some helpful tips that I’ve collected that I use when I feel really anxious, I’ve also included some helpful resources and phone numbers at the end!

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Let’s talk about… Meditation

Benefits of Meditation Meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years across a range of cultures and religions, and for good reason! The benefits of meditation include: Lowering stress levelsImproving focusDecreasing painReducing anxietyImproving sleepReducing depressionEnhancing perception The list goes on and on! Different Types of Meditation Mindfulness - Pay attention to your thoughts as they… Continue reading Let’s talk about… Meditation

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The 5 Areas of Personal Development and How to Work on Them

This is not about thinking ‘oh I’m terrible at everything and I really need to work on myself’, it’s about thinking ‘I’m really good at x, y and z, but there’s definitely room for improvement in z, so maybe I could level up that aspect of my life’.

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Five Things I Learnt From ‘The Road Less Travelled’

I WANT TO READ MORE Why am I doing this? As part of my move to content more focused around personal growth, still with students in mind. I wanted to start a series of insightful things that I learnt from ‘self-help’ books. I have a loooong list of books on my to read list, and… Continue reading Five Things I Learnt From ‘The Road Less Travelled’

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The Ultimate Guide to Studying from Home

Studying from home The recent announcement of lockdown 3.0 means that the majority of students are now completely studying from home. I started the year completely online, and midway through my first term I was informed that at least the first year of my course would be completely online. This was no surprise to me,… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Studying from Home

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How to recognise and prevent burnout as a medical student

It’s no secret that medical school is tough, it’s practically famous for students spending endless hours studying, countless tears and just feeling constantly stressed. But it's important to recognise burnout and prevent it before it's too late.

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The Importance of Goal Setting and How to do it

It’s common around this time of year for people to start reflecting, and to think about the year ahead and any resolutions they might want to achieve. Some may even be thinking more long term, about what they want to achieve in their lives, and I want one of those people to be you. Long term goal setting is really important, whether you’re 18 years old and just starting to figure your life out or you’re 50 years old and already have lots of life experience, and in this article I’m going to show you why.

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How to stay active at university when you don’t want to join a sports team

I’ll be honest, this post is mainly directed to myself, because whilst I have a desire to stay fit, I really don’t enjoy sports. This post could just be an essay on how much I hate sports or it could provide you with some actual advice so I’ll just get into it.

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Parkinson’s Law: using psychology to become more productive

Have you ever had seven weeks to write an essay and left it until the night before to start? Or had all day to write a post that would take you two minutes, but you don't do it until the evening? Well I definitely have, and this is due, in part, to Parkinson's Law.