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11 simple ways to deal with feeling anxious

Here are some helpful tips that I’ve collected that I use when I feel really anxious, I’ve also included some helpful resources and phone numbers at the end!

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How to recognise and prevent burnout as a medical student

It’s no secret that medical school is tough, it’s practically famous for students spending endless hours studying, countless tears and just feeling constantly stressed. But it's important to recognise burnout and prevent it before it's too late.

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Collaboration with @niamhcooks: Easy recipes for students who want a taste of thanksgiving

I am so so so excited to announce this collaboration with my dear, dear friend @niamhcooks. Niamh celebrates Thanksgiving each year, as half her family is American, and I have been lucky enough to be invited to her house (pre-covid) to experience the joy that is the thanksgiving dinner that her and her family cook. So I consider myself truly blessed to share with you all these recipes, so that you can have your own taste of thanksgiving this year, whether you're American or not.

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How to stay active at university when you don’t want to join a sports team

I’ll be honest, this post is mainly directed to myself, because whilst I have a desire to stay fit, I really don’t enjoy sports. This post could just be an essay on how much I hate sports or it could provide you with some actual advice so I’ll just get into it.

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Parkinson’s Law: using psychology to become more productive

Have you ever had seven weeks to write an essay and left it until the night before to start? Or had all day to write a post that would take you two minutes, but you don't do it until the evening? Well I definitely have, and this is due, in part, to Parkinson's Law.

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De-stress yourself: 6 forms of self care and how to practice them

Why should I practice self care? You have probably seen by now that I am a big advocate of self care, and that’s simply because it’s so important. For those people who feel like they can’t prioritise their own care, think: if you don’t look after yourself first, you won’t be able to help others.… Continue reading De-stress yourself: 6 forms of self care and how to practice them

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How To Prioritise Your Mental Health At University

In honour of World Mental Health Day (10th October) I wanted to take the time to talk about mental health at university. According to a University Student Mental Health Survey published in March this year ‘42.3% of respondents had experienced a serious personal, emotional, behavioural or mental health problem for which they needed professional health’. Now more than ever, mental health needs to be talked about as we try and reduce the stigma associated with it.

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What You Need to Buy in Your First Supermarket Shop

If you're getting ready to go to University this Autumn and you are moving out, you might be thinking about moving into your new place. I've put together a list of food and toiletries that you might want to get in your first supermarket shop.

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Everything YOU need to know about money at university

Budgeting is so important, especially as a student. For many people, this is the first time that you’ll be responsible for your own money and living costs, and that can be scary, but hopefully, this post will be able to help you out with the basics of budgeting as a student.

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The Ultimate ‘What you need to take to Uni’ Checklist

If you're starting university this year you're going to want to read this!