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Digital vs Paper: Which Type of Note-taking is Better?

The debate every student has when they reach university or college.

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The Ultimate Guide to Studying from Home

Studying from home The recent announcement of lockdown 3.0 means that the majority of students are now completely studying from home. I started the year completely online, and midway through my first term I was informed that at least the first year of my course would be completely online. This was no surprise to me,… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Studying from Home

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Should I get Notability as a student?

As students, we know that a fairly integral part of studying is taking notes. Taking notes is important because it puts information in your own words and makes it easier to understand. In this post I’m going to talk about what digital note taking is, it’s pros and cons compared to taking notes on paper and the use of Notability as a note taking app. At the end I'll be talking about Notability's newest feature!

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Notability vs Goodnotes, which is the best for students?

A good note-taking app that works efficiently can save you seconds, which add up to minutes, that add up to hours. And losing hours of your life because of a useless note-taking app is just ridiculous.

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The BEST Time Management Techniques for Students

Being a student is all about juggling multiple responsibilities whilst still finding time to socialise and also make time for yourself. It sometimes seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and that the important tasks are often pushed back when really they should be prioritised. For most people, there are enough hours in the day to achieve what you want to, it’s just about working smartly and prioritising things that are actually important.

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How I Set Up My Notion Dashboard For Studying

Notion is an app like no other, and I use it for EVERYTHING. It is basically a 'second brain' and I use it for organisation, note-taking, revision, active recall and spaced repetition. I also use it to organise aspects of my personal life and my business, but today I am just going to talk about how I use Notion for studying.

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My Study Essentials: The 10 things I can’t study without

As we are in the Back-To-School season, I thought it was the right time to share my study essentials. These are the things that I would take if someone told me I needed to up and leave and take everything I need to study with (I know that sounds like a weird scenario).

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How I studied during my last degree

One of the hardest parts of adapting to university life is adapting to the new style of teaching and moving to a more independent style of learning. During GCSEs and A-levels, you could pretty much just get away with memorising a text book and learning key words from mark schemes which would always get you the marks. But university isn’t like that, and more importantly, life isn’t like that. Whilst you still get learning objectives, you’re encouraged to read around your subjects and bring in more information from other textbooks, and from journals.