Getting into Medicine

What You Need To Know To Prepare For The BMAT

I have actually taken the BMAT test twice, once last year (2019) when I applied to Medicine, but I first took it in 2016 when I was applying for my first degree (Biomedical Sciences) and I applied to Oxford, which required it. Even with three extra years of study, including two full years of university, I didn’t find the BMAT any easier. I may have actually found it harder because even more time had passed since I had studied the required scientific content.

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Getting into Medicine

Seven factors to consider when choosing Medical Schools

Deciding which medical schools to apply to can be extremely daunting, but fear not! This post is a guide of which factors to consider when deciding which medical schools you should apply to. BMAT or UCAT; PBL or Traditional; City or Campus; Integrated Masters? They might just all sound like words, but we're gonna go… Continue reading Seven factors to consider when choosing Medical Schools

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Getting into Medicine

My top tips for the UCAT exam

These are my tips for the University Clinical Aptitude Test, following these tips got me a score of 3030 and interviews at the three universities I applied to that required the UCAT.