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Notability vs Goodnotes, which is the best for students?

A good note-taking app that works efficiently can save you seconds, which add up to minutes, that add up to hours. And losing hours of your life because of a useless note-taking app is just ridiculous.

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The BEST Time Management Techniques for Students

Being a student is all about juggling multiple responsibilities whilst still finding time to socialise and also make time for yourself. It sometimes seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and that the important tasks are often pushed back when really they should be prioritised. For most people, there are enough hours in the day to achieve what you want to, it’s just about working smartly and prioritising things that are actually important.

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My Evening Routine For Ultimate Relaxation

I have found that being able to fully relax yourself is not as easy as people make it out to be, but it is incredibly important. Especially in this COVID era, stress levels for a lot of people are consistently high, and whilst some people may need to seek more professional help, others may be able to relieve some of their stresses by taking time out to relax.

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What You Need To Know To Prepare For The BMAT

I have actually taken the BMAT test twice, once last year (2019) when I applied to Medicine, but I first took it in 2016 when I was applying for my first degree (Biomedical Sciences) and I applied to Oxford, which required it. Even with three extra years of study, including two full years of university, I didn’t find the BMAT any easier. I may have actually found it harder because even more time had passed since I had studied the required scientific content.

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My Study Essentials: The 10 things I can’t study without

As we are in the Back-To-School season, I thought it was the right time to share my study essentials. These are the things that I would take if someone told me I needed to up and leave and take everything I need to study with (I know that sounds like a weird scenario).

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What You Need to Buy in Your First Supermarket Shop

If you're getting ready to go to University this Autumn and you are moving out, you might be thinking about moving into your new place. I've put together a list of food and toiletries that you might want to get in your first supermarket shop.

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Everything YOU need to know about money at university

Budgeting is so important, especially as a student. For many people, this is the first time that you’ll be responsible for your own money and living costs, and that can be scary, but hopefully, this post will be able to help you out with the basics of budgeting as a student.

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The Ultimate ‘What you need to take to Uni’ Checklist

If you're starting university this year you're going to want to read this!

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Ten things you should do to prepare for starting university

Here are ten things that you should really think about if you are starting university this autumn (and yes one of them is learning how to cook).

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Seven factors to consider when choosing Medical Schools

Deciding which medical schools to apply to can be extremely daunting, but fear not! This post is a guide of which factors to consider when deciding which medical schools you should apply to. BMAT or UCAT; PBL or Traditional; City or Campus; Integrated Masters? They might just all sound like words, but we're gonna go… Continue reading Seven factors to consider when choosing Medical Schools